Monday, February 7, 2011


Due to coercing, I will post a picture of myself, yes in running split shorts, when I get 100 followers!
Smart A (a runner)

Hell-O Runners!!!!!

Yes, I love running,  and I love the running community!  Lately though the running community has grown and become a demographic.  Avid, beginner, elite, professional, minimalist, core, religious, adventurer, trail, tri, core, etc, etc...And the opinions about how to run and how to train are polarizing!!!
So be a smart A runner and get your opinions posted.  This is as close to fighting that any of us runners will ever see.
This blog is about exploring every opinion, every piece of knowledge, the history of running, the future of running and declaring a victor!
Corre Corre Corre! Passion preludes success!